4th of July Finale: Naperville Ribfest 2016


So, I ended this year’s 4th of July celebration doing something that I’ve never done before: I attended the 2016 Naperville Ribfest. The festival is typically a four day event and ran from Friday, July 1st to Monday, July 4th.  It’s hosted by the Exchange Club of Naperville to raise funds to help fight child abuse, domestic violence and to strengthen families in local communities.

The festival  has a north and south entrance featuring vendors, raffles, and carnival rides/games, that meet up with “Ribbers Row” (the 12 national rib vendors that make up Ribfest).  There are also two stages set up for live entertainment.  This year’s line up featured Sheryl Crow, Matchbox 20, and several blues, country, and rock artists.  And are you a vegan or vegetarian?  Or are you just trying to watch your waistline?  Well no worries, because Ribfest offers many alternatives to accommodate the most health conscious palate. I don’t eat pork but had no issue feasting on a chicken sandwich, onion blossom, and funnel cake (pictured below).

General admission for Ribfest is $20 for adults.  It’s a great event for families, couples, groups, or even if you want to roll solo.  There is something for everyone. And as a finale, Ribfest puts on a huge fireworks show, usually hosted by one of their big sponsors. Check it out next year!



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